The main features of the choice of location for installation of the air conditioner

One of the simplest and most important rules of choice of location for installation of such devices States that the flow of air in any case should not be aimed directly at the people. This means that you should not locate the air conditioner above the bed, a sofa, an armchair, a Desk – in General, in those parts of the room where people spend a lot of time.
The stereotype, if air conditioners are harmful to health, and their use leads to a cold, appeared due to frequent errors in the choice of location for the installation of such a device.

It is important that over-conditioning and under it had a lot of free space. As a rule, the distance from the top of the indoor unit to the ceiling is at least 10 cm from the Bottom shouldn't be a massive high pieces of furniture, preventing the flow of air. This means that you can set the air conditioner above Cabinet, tall dresser, the rack – not the best idea. The distance from the bottom of the indoor unit prior to the items must be at least 70 cm.
Please note that air conditioning, located above the Cabinet will continue to blow away the accumulating on the surface of dust. This means that you will have frequent wet cleaning.

Keep in mind another important point. The distance between the outside unit, which is mounted on the outside, and internal, located in the apartment, should not be large. The longer the route, the lower the efficiency of the device. It is therefore possible, it is better to install the equipment closer to the outer wall.

Additional recommendations

It is important that the air conditioning did not spoil the interior. Time massive devices, the choice of which people were guided only by questions of convenience, is long gone. Modern air conditioners can perfectly fit into the interior, but it is important that the place for installation was chosen correctly. If you are not sure what to do the task yourself, seek help from a designer.

Choosing the location for mounting the indoor unit, consider how freely air can move around the room and how much will be evenly distributed temperature. Not recommended to place the device in the corner – in this case, most of the room is still hot due to uneven cold air distribution and malfunctioning of the temperature sensors.