Spermaceti and its analogues

"Spermaceti" cream is very popular. It perfectly nourishes the skin, revitalizes, protects from the negative impact of the external environment and prevents the loss of moisture, the appearance of the face early wrinkles.

Some believe that the name of the cream was due to the content of spermaceti, which is obtained by cooling the fat contained in a fibrous bag, located at the head of the sperm whale.

Unfortunately, modern cosmetics, including cream and "Spermaceti", natural spermaceti is missing. Manufacturers do not specify it in the list of ingredients used and often replace it with cetylpalmitate, lanolin and tearoom. Cetylpalmitate - analogue of spermaceti. It has a much lower cost than the natural product, as it is of synthetic origin.

The lack of spermaceti in the composition of creams with the same name is due to the high cost of the product, and the fact that at the present time this substance is not produced on an industrial scale. Once it was mined very active and used in the candle and cosmetic industry. This led to the decrease in the whale population. Currently, in accordance with the international agreement, whaling on an industrial scale is forbidden.

"Spermaceti" cream manufactured by the factory "Neva cosmetics", there is not even cetylpalmitate. The function of this component is partially performed by other wax-like substances

The active components of the cream "Spermaceti"

In cream "Sperm" produced by the factory "Neva cosmetics," contains lanolin and beeswax. These products actively nourish the skin and protect from environmental influences, give it elasticity, prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It should be noted that the concentration of these components in this cream high enough. This may explain its high efficiency.

In addition to the above substances in the list of active components present in the olive oil. It has a very beneficial effect on the skin. The oil nourishes and protects against premature aging, as it includes natural antioxidants.

"Spermaceti" the cream has quite a thick oily texture, so it is suited more for dry skin. It can be successfully applied to prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles.

The cream "Spermaceti" quite simple. It has only a few components, mainly of natural origin and no synthetic dyes and other harmful components.