You will need
  • Ton-fluid Atelier concealer-powder Double Wear, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Max Factor Colour Adapt.
In terms of the achieved effect of Foundation based on silicone have proven themselves well. They are well line the entire surface of the skin making it supple, soft and velvety. Other benefits of Foundation based on silicone - medium or thick consistency, no stickiness, moisture resistance. Now many brands release makeup Foundation with silicone. First and foremost, it is an expensive and well-known firms: professional French cosmetics Make-up Atelier and Make up forever, Estee Lauder. Also, cream with silicone cosmetic companies produce a lower class of Max Factor and Maybelline.
Ton-fluid Atelier. The perfect cream based on silicone for the hot summer. It has waterproof properties and is very resistant to sun and heat. Although the protection factor of the sun is not too high: SPF 6. Suitable for walking but not sunbathing. Cream is well distributed over the skin, perfectly conceals small wrinkles and other skin defects. And on his face is almost negligible. The structure of the cream is very dense because of the silicone. But despite this it is well and quickly absorbed, leaving no residue on clothes. Estimated price: 1400 rubles.
Double Wear, Estee Lauder. Tonal cream powder with silicone polymers. It is at their expense provided excellent durability: cream powder does not flow and not smeared. The tool is well mattifies the skin and controls the release of fat. Resistance to sun rays - SPF 15. Has the glow effect, so the cream can be used during photo shoots. Estimated price: 1600 rubles.
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. The formula of this cream is silicone-based. Despite this he is incredibly easy. Gives the skin a matte finish, but without the mask effect. Contains a specially developed moisturising complex. Users noted that the mousse barely hide the flaws, and peeling stresses. Also the tone is not stable and can leave marks on clothes. Estimated price: 400 rubles.
Colour Adapt from Max Factor. The cream is more like a mousse as it has a very thick consistency. Fits well, н6еровности smoothes, mattifies the skin. It is better to use this cream in winter as summer because of the heat it can spread. When used on oily skin can Shine. The advantage of the cream - good ability to mask the flaws. The approximate cost is 400 rubles.