Use air conditioner for attic

The installation of the air conditioning system in the attic is extremely important for the reason that in the summer the roof overheat often, which spoils the interior materials. Frequent summer rains, in turn, contribute to excessive increase of humidity and lead to active condensation. As a result, wooden elements attic begin to crack, and the rafters to mildew and fungus. The lack of ventilation and air conditioning is the cause of constant moisture in the attic room.

The condensate resulting from insufficient heating and cooling, and minimum ventilation causes the propagation of mold spores, which will gradually make the loft suitable for living in it. When installing the air conditioner in the attic, improving air circulation, with the result that there is beginning to be supported by the optimal level of humidity and temperature at any time of the year. This preserves the good condition of the furniture, rafters and interior materials.

The right model of air conditioner

The most affordable and easiest option air conditioner for attic and living split system inverter/ not inverter type. The inverter system is more efficient climate technology, which will support in the attic of a constant temperature with minimal energy. If the attic is divided into zones or rooms, a good choice is split air conditioning system or multi-split system.

In some cases, the attic air conditioner may require the installation of additional fan boost pressure.

The difference between multi-split system and VRF system is temperature regulation. When installing a multi-split in all areas will have the same temperature, whereas multi-zone air conditioning allows you to set different temperatures for different zones or rooms.

If there are two systems of duct for ventilation and air conditioning systems, it is recommended to install in the attic, ducted air conditioner running on recirculated air mixing. Often, it is installed during the construction phase of the building, however it can be placed in a long-finished building. The only drawback ducted the air is repeatedly recycled air.