What is the point of rollback

The point of rollback, or restore point is a saved state of the system at a certain date. Savepoint can be created manually by the user and automatically by the system weekly or before you change the configuration, for example, installing the driver or program. If this is recorded only as system files. Documents created by the user (text files, photos, videos, music) are not stored.

How to create a savepoint

To restore point was created, you must enable this feature. Right-click the mouse on the icon "My computer", select "Properties" and go to the tab "system Restore". Uncheck the box next to "Disable system restore".

If your computer has Windows XP, to manually create a restore point press the Windows key and the "Programs" go to "Standard," then "Utility" and choose the program "system Restore". Select Create a restore point" and follow the instructions.

In Windows 7 press Win, and then right-click "Computer" and select "Properties". In the left pane, click "system Protection", go to the tab "system Protection" and click "Create". Then proceed according to instructions.

How to restore the system

Recovery in any Windows versions you will need administrator privileges. On the computer that is running Windows XP, click Win, under "Programs" select "Accessories, then system tools and system Restore. Select "system Restore", click "Next" and select the desired date in the calendar that you will be offered a recovery program. Choose the date closest to the fatal event, after which it took recovery.

In critical cases when system doesn't boot, restart the computer and press F8 after the initial survey hardware. In options menu select boot select "last known good configuration", then in the proposed calendar, specify the date when the computer worked correctly.

To run system restore in Windows 7 go to control panel and click "System security". In the new window, select "Backup and restore" then "Restore system settings or your computer". Click "open system restore" and follow the steps in the recovery wizard. In addition, you can use the "system Restore" under "Programs" or "last known good configuration" as described for Windows XP.

You can undo a system restore if the result does not suit you. Click start, Programs, select Accessories, then system tools and system Restore. Click the "Undo system restore" and follow the instructions in the wizard.