Soy cheese tofu, popular in China, Japan, Korea, contains only 1.5 to 4% fat and is classified as low-fat cheeses. In structure it resembles cottage cheese, although made from soy milk. This cheese is rich in protein and can easily replace meat products. Nutritionists propose to include tofu in diet slimming people and elderly people suffering from structural changes of the bone tissue, as tofu is a storehouse of calcium and can prevent such diseases as osteoporosis. In the East, tofu is consumed in combination with vegetables, various greens, green beans. It is also lightly fried, with the addition of oyster or soy sauce and a splash of sweet syrup.
Cottage cheese or cottage cheese (cottage cheese), as it is called in the West, is a mass of granular cottage cheese, mixed with cream and pressed into shape. In fact, it is more cheese than cheese, so it is allowed to eat even the strictest diets. Fat cottage cheese is 0 to 9 percent, while it contains only 155 calories. Protein-rich cottage cheese is recommended for athletes to keep in shape and losing weight people. It is even at night as a separate dish or add to a vegetable salad.
The cheese gaudette (Goudette) contains about 7% fat. The taste resembles a hard cheese Gouda, but with a more mild flavor. Gaudette cheese is rich in calcium and easy to digest.
Chechil cheese, which is home to Armenia, refers to dietary varieties of cheese fat content of about 5-10%. Release the cheese in the form of long filaments, which is wound in a coil or braided in a pigtail. Chechil is allowed for consumption in compliance with many diets, such as diet and Protasov. Most often it is eaten as a separate dish, but also added to salads or snacks.
Italian ricotta cheese is part of many national dishes. In Italy, it always served for Breakfast. Unlike other cheeses, ricotta is made not from milk but from whey, obtained after pressing of other cheeses. This cheese contains about 13% fat and only 49 calories. In comparison with other varieties of ricotta cheese compares favorably with the low salt content and a high nutritional value and availability of vital vitamins and minerals. He is also the source of the amino acid methionine - hepatoprotector, regenerating liver cells. Ricotta cheese - a soft, gentle. It can be spread on crackers, add to vegetable or fruit salad and serve with the potatoes.
For low-fat varieties are cheeses with a fat content of less than 20%. In addition to these, the list also includes cheese, easy option of feta cheese, mozzarella, cheese Dor blue, Camembert, French and Finnish cheese, Oltermanni.