Interestingly, the process of the emergence of small and large eddies is nearly the same. Pick up speed, the water collides with the relief surface of the shore, or in the case of large oceanic eddies, from the opposite course. From such a strike due to the speed of the flow, the water back, creating an effect of torsion. Continuously aiming for the outer edge of the whirlpool, the water creates a special recess in the centre, forming thus the usual picture of the phenomenon.

Long and narrow bays or special terrain, characterized by preventing normal processes of water exchange with rocks – a great place for the emergence of a whirlpool, it received at the peak of the tidal mass of water does not have time to fully return to their borders and inevitably is faced with new threads having opposite direction of motion.

The strength and size of vortex is determined by combination of the existing natural circumstances, which considered the velocity of the water, especially tide, weather conditions, seasonality. The diameter of the crater can vary from a few centimeters to hundreds of kilometers, and the flow rate to reach as much as 11 kilometers per hour.

The types of funnels

All whirlpools are divided into permanent, seasonal and episodic, some of them go unnoticed, others can cause serious damage both on the individual farms and the whole States. It is known that the river swirl may drag the unwary swimmer and a large sea of forever enter into his arms in a powerful boat or a ship.

Relatively recently scientists involved in research of the world ocean, were found in the special eddies, rings, which are formed as a result of collision of vertical flows and can be found only on images received from the satellite. It is known that such rings can exist long enough, moving in the time direction for the southern hemisphere and in the opposite hour to the North. Their occurrence is caused by the action of the magnetic field of the Earth, forcing a mass of water to rise from the depths of the ocean, building powerful, able to exist for many years of natural design.