Entering the water in an unfamiliar place, make sure that you don't have strong currents or funnels. Usually such phenomena are called turbulence, can easily be detected visually. Define zone, boundaries which you will not swim. Try not to swim alone, always leave on the side of the observer, who may take measures to rescue swimmers if necessary.
Caught in the maelstrom or in the region of strong circular currents, try to overcome the possible panic that usually accompanies an unexpected event on the water. Often people trapped in the water, exaggerating the danger of the situation and begins to take actions that exacerbate the situation.
Pace yourselves and not try to fight with a circular course. Your task – to get out of the whirlpool with the least amount of effort. If you feel that you are drawn in a circle, try to paddle in the direction of rotation of the water methodically to swim out away from the center of the crater.
If you are drawn into the center of the crater with great force, and you feel that cannot cope with the flow, dial a deep breath and dive. While under the water, looking for which does not go in a circle, and brings to the surface and to the side. For, as a rule, there is always in the vortex at a certain depth, so your task is not to get lost, and make use of upflow.
If you are at a fairly shallow depth, then, once in the funnel, be very collected. The bottom in such places are usually littered with driftwood and stones, which are easily injured, escaping the maelstrom. If you feel that the swirling flow carries you on sticking out of the water a tree trunk or a boulder, try to put forward feet and to regroup to avoid hitting an obstacle head or other vital organs. Observe the main rule - in any situation, keep discipline, composure and self-control.