Replacing the sponge on the MOP process is easy and fast if you know where to start and what to do. If the MOP is good quality and has a reinforced frame and handle made of thick-walled tube, it is possible to replace the lips about ten times.

How to choose replacement sponge?

The first thing you need to visit a hardware store or a shop with household cleaning products. If the MOP is inexpensive, will fit most common types of replacement sponges. If this subject of house utensils has a price above the average, be prepared for a longer search.

In any case, not be amiss to bring to the store an old sponge, after disconnecting it from mops. About how to do it, you will learn a bit later. The main criterion when choosing new parts - dimensions of the spine of the sponge. It is a metal clip with four holes. It should build on the dimensions of this cage and the location on it of mounting bores: they should be identical.

What will I need for replacement?

To replace the sponge to pull the MOP will need a big Phillips screwdriver, pliers and a bucket of hot water. The costs to prepare and work: repair extractor mops can be made directly on the floor or on a table of sufficient size. It is very important that the workplace was cleaned from unnecessary things and do not hurt you while working. If there is a potential mate, it will be useful too.

Replaceable sponge to pull the MOP in three steps

Step one: remove the old sponge. To get rid of worn-out sponge or what was left of it, you must Unscrew four screws, which part is fixed to the movable hinge. This raises the first difficulty: the screws closer to the center of the spine to get pretty problematic. Although the spine moves in the longitudinal direction to hold it in place and Unscrew the screw at the same time will not come overnight. Could use a couple extra hands.

Act II: current repair. Since MOP disassembled, why not check out their condition? Using pliers to tighten the nuts on the mounting bolts and the pins, to check the reliability of fastening of the plastic coupling to the handle of the MOP. If this node is shattered - it is better to make additional fixation by multiple screws.

Act III: put a new sponge. After removing store the film details, set it in place. We must not forget that the sponge can be moved along the squeezing mechanism, to the details of the hinge would not hurt to tighten all four screws. By the way, screws are better to tighten till it stops and not to put the bait previously: so the probability that the sponge will quickly become loose, will be minimal.

Prepare the MOP to work

What you need to do immediately after the replacement of the sponge to pull the MOP - to soften the foam. To do this, the MOP should be immersed in a bucket and pouring boiling water so that the sponge was completely under water. After five minutes of soaking renovated MOP is ready to use.