Use the fridge or the freezer

The simplest way of cooling is the refrigerator. However, a liter bottle of water or other beverage refrigerator will cool forty-five minutes to two hours, so this method is even the easiest but not the fastest.

The freezer will cope with cooling a lot faster. To further speed up the process, wrap the bottle in a damp towel or cloth before placing it in the freezer. Moisture evaporates from the surface of the towel will be much faster to cool down the bottle. Will not overdo it in the freezer, otherwise the drink will freeze, and you'll need time to thaw. With a wet towel, the bottle can be cooled to an acceptable temperature in about twenty minutes.

For the following method, you will need ice. In General, a small supply of ice cubes in the freezer can make life significantly easier. The easiest way to put ice in a glass and there is already a welcome to pour the water, which quickly becomes extremely cold. However, this method is only suitable for those drinks that you can not mess up, diluting them with melted ice.

You can use ice for cooling the whole bottle and not just part of its content. To do this, pour into a suitable large container with cold water from the tap, pour more ice and place a bottle with drink. Cold water will cool the bottle faster than cold air, because it holds the heat much better.

How to chill drinks in the nature

If you want to cool a bottle of drink in the nature or your refrigerator just broke down, it is possible to use improvised means. Find a piece of any fabric (this can be your spare shirt or t-shirt), very tightly wrap her bottle, securing the ends so they don't unravel. Then pour the resulting design water. Suitable water from a pond, river or stream. Don't worry, she gets inside a tight closed bottle. This "technical" water can be any temperature, even if it's warm, all will be fine.

In this method, as in the case of the freezer, it's all in the evaporation of water, which takes away a considerable amount of heat, which leads to cooling. So the only thing you have to do is to put the wrapped and sprayed with a water bottle at a draught in the shade. The stronger the wind, the faster will be the cooling process. In most cases, to achieve the desired temperature a half hour.