Will draw up a contract of purchase and sale. This can be done for free in REO. But if you want to consider all nuances, for example, to list possible defects in the vehicle of which you are aware, the procedure for the sale, you need to go to the notary. There's also make the receipt of funds by seller.
The seller must remove the car from the register. After that sign the contract in REO. Pay for receipt of the state fee.
After that the car will be inspected by the officer of the REO. The inspector will inspect the overall condition of the car will be written off, the VIN, engine and registration numbers, if necessary will make a special mark in the passport of the vehicle.
After inspection of the vehicle inspector, go to the Department of registration of vehicles. You will be given another receipt for payment of new registration numbers. After payment return stubs from receipts, a contract of sale, vehicle, the passport, the pass technical inspection. It is necessary to register the car in your name.
Now you only need to insure the car in any convenient way for you. You must also pass a technical inspection within 30 days after purchase of the car.