How to dispose of the debris in the repair

Incorrect methods of disposal

Some people believe that the easiest way to throw construction waste in the containers intended for household waste. They don't see anything wrong and allege that pay for garbage removal.

We must remember that such containers are strictly prohibited to use any construction debris. If caught the offender, he will face a fine.

The vehicles transporting rubbish, normally equipped with a press to seal. Some construction waste, particularly pieces of slabs of concrete or broken bricks, you can press the damage. The repair costs will punish those who this garbage is thrown away.

Sometimes the garbage thrown in the forest or on the roadside. It should be understood that it is an administrative offence that entails a fine.

Often people hire a car and work for garbage disposal, they pay money and are not interested in where they take him. But if they will remove the waste at an unauthorized dump and learn about this the competent authorities, employers can also be prosecuted.

What methods of waste disposal should use

The garbage needs to be taken to a special landfill designed for disposal of waste. Just to load the rubble into the truck and bring it to a landfill is not required to obtain a special permit.

No one will want to collect documentation on waste disposal. Much easier to turn to a specialized company providing the relevant services. They will take as the registration of all necessary documents and work on the removal, collection and transportation of garbage.

If you have a cottage or home construction debris can be used in agriculture. Broken bricks, sand, pieces of old plaster and concrete can be used for pouring the Foundation or cement screed. You can pour garden paths or driveways to the house. Scraps of wood or old Wallpaper can simply be burned, and can be used for lighting the oven or grill.

Construction waste can not only be disposed of by paying money for it, but free to use on the farm. It can be sold, thereby earning utilization.

Who may need a construction debris? Usually those who is building a home and needs a cheap building material. It can buy men or companies who need to produce work at a construction site, perform patching of the road surface.

Finding buyers can be using electronic Bulletin boards or Internet forums, construction topics. Of course, the sale of construction waste makes sense when this garbage enough for two or three bags hardly anyone will go.