To slow the growth of tomatoes, you need to choose the right light and temperature conditions. There is a great importance and technology of irrigation. There are other ways to achieve this.

Regulate the growth of tomatoes with the help of the air temperature

If the room is too warm, it is one of the factors pulling seedlings. Usually it happens when the plants are on the kitchen windowsill. Put bowls with young bushes in a cool room where the temperature during the day +20+22, and at night – +15+17 o C. Spend airing.

Especially important is the cultivation of seedlings at low temperatures, if the seeding was made earlier – in late January-early February. This technique enables to obtain strong seedlings and an early harvest.

When you pull the tomatoes in the greenhouse you want it to reduce the temperature. With the help of daytime ventilation.

Nitrogen fertilizers promote the growth of tomato. If the plants leaves are rich green in color, and the bushes stretched, reduce nitrogen fertilization.

Light and glaze

In February-March is still a little light day. This is one of the reasons for pulling tomato. To avoid this, turn on the lamp for supplementary lighting in the evening and morning hours and on cloudy days.

Put reflective screens behind the plants, then part of the light will fall on the back side of the plants, and they will not be much stretch.

Proper watering will also help to cope with this problem. If the tomatoes are growing strong, stocky, watering can be more frequent. If the distances in the interstices is increased, it will reduce the glaze.

It should only slightly moisten the soil a small amount of water. When this problem disappears, it is possible to shed all earthen layer.


This procedure will help to expend power plants on the formation of additional roots and survival rate, so at that time the growth of the tomato will slow down.

Seedling tomatoes, unlike the cucumber, has a high percentage survival rate. So she likes swordplay. If you've planted the seeds, then transplant the young tomatoes, not once but 2 times.

The first pick is made when the shoots will have 2-3 true leaves. Before this should not be done. The second time, you can make picks 20-30 days after the first.

Gardener you'll see that the tomatoes are pulled and transplanted young plant from a small pot into a big one.

Often the sky grown seedlings, while in April-may, its hold on the glazed balcony. On Sunny days the air temperature is very high. So you need to hang on glass light curtains and keep them open.