Decide how many stems will have your own Bush tomato. It depends on the type of seedlings (tall or restricted height) and places of its cultivation. In greenhouses plants form more often only 1 stem. Such shaping reduces the risk of terrible diseases tomato - late blight. In the open ground, you can let the bushes grow 2-3 stems.
A few days after transplanting, inspect every Bush tomato. Remove all laterals (side shoots arising in the axils of leaves) from tall (interdeterminacy) forms. At determinant (restricted height) varieties of tomatoes leave one stepson under the first flower brush, and two above it.
Every 5-7 days spend side-shoot removing. Very carefully check the plants. Unnoticed stepson is growing fast and pulls all the efforts of the Bush itself, slowing the maturation of fruit already started on other stems.
In mid-summer for an early harvest on a selective presidnete tall bushes top growth point – cut the top of the main stem, leaving 2-3 leaf after 6 floral brushes. On determinantal varieties for each of the stems should be 2-3 flower brushes. With a larger number of abandoned floral brushes, you can get a lot of immature and small fruits.