You will need
    • Couscous
    • Water or milk
    • Butter
    • Honey
    • raisins
    • sugar
    • Clay pot
    • Oven
Couscous can be cooked and on the water, and milk. Can also be boiled and the liquid, consisting of milk and water in equal amounts. The ratio of cereals and liquid depends on what kind of mess you want to cook dense, crumbly or sticky. If you need a loose porridge, then a glass of cereals need to take half Cup of water. For a viscous porridge of the liquid take more than 2.5 cups. For gruel ("paste") in a glass of cereals need 3 to 3.5 cups of liquid.
Then millet groats need to be rinsed. To touch before washing the cereal is not necessary, too small, and the great garbage washed under running water. Just do not make too strong pressure of water to grits is not washed away with the trash.
The next step millet can be soaked, if not critical cooking time. It is best for an hour or two. If the time for soaking is not, then before putting the grains in boiling scald it with boiling water - this will steam the groats and improve palatability.
Then have a little cook grits until soft in lightly salted water. At the same time need to preheat the oven.
After that clay pot you need to apply a little amount of oil to put in it boiled cereals, honey, raisins or sugar. Then in a pot and added hot milk or water, and a pot of porridge for the future is put in the oven on low heat for one hour.
An hour goes to the potty out of the oven. If you want plates you can add more butter. Because butter cereal will not spoil!