Choose to workout smooth, spacious and preferably deserted place. Rate if you move on a skateboard, not applying to this special effort.

Remember which foot you have is the reference. As a rule, the right-handed is right-and left-handers is the left. Skate feet features: rear supporting leg, the second front.

Start the movement. To do this, place your foot on the front edge of the skateboard, and the base push off from the ground. No need to push very hard. To learn how to brake at high speed is much more complicated.

After the beginning of the movement put a support leg on the back of the Board. Now you are moving forward, standing exactly on the screen.
To reduce the speed, move the support leg closer to the back edge of the skateboard and move it to the weight of the body. To do this, the supporting leg can be slightly bent at the knee.

To finally stop, lower the supporting leg on the surface and slightly slow down the sole.

The above method is only suitable for flat areas. Also keep in mind that the regular braking this way – it's a death sentence for your shoes
You can use another method of braking on a skateboard.

Adopt the original position as described above: the rear support leg, the second in front. Start the movement.

To brake, move the supporting leg closer to the rear edge of the skate, move it to the weight of the body and push the heel into the edge of the Board. The front edge of the Board must be in the air. If you feel that you lose balance, jump off the Board.

For rapid braking can push the rear edge of the Board into the ground.
And for a snack - way extreme braking. Beginners are not recommended.

Moving, press the second (front) leg into the front edge of the Board. The rear edge will begin to rise. And in that moment, when he is almost looking at the sky, jump off the Board and right hand catch a skate.

Rejoice, if you managed not to fall.