You will need
  • Skates
  • Rink
  • Perseverance
For a start practice to brake on skates in a standing position. Slightly bend your knees and practice to sink into a skating rink by the skate blade of the left leg, pressing lightly on the ice the weight of the body. Then continue the exercise with the right leg.
Train yourself to brake on skates in motion. Drive a little straight, then slightly turn the body and press your left foot into the ice, moving it to the side. This will slow your movement to a complete stop. Repeat the exercise a braking movement with your right foot.
You can try the braking method, which is adopted from hockey. To do this, after acceleration suddenly turn the body sharply and push the blades of skates on ice. This is the fastest way to slow down. The main thing is, keep your feet wide apart to keep his balance, by distributing body weight and pressure on the toe of the ridge evenly. To do this, slightly bend the upper body backwards during braking.
You can try to brake on a skate by way of skaters. Glide across the ice, bending your knees in the direction towards each other, and slowly push the skate into the ice. Stop will be slow and smooth.