Sprouted oats contain b vitamins, which are very useful for Pets. Moreover, grass is essential for normal digestion and health of the animal, it causes a gag reflex, which helps the cat get rid of lumps of wool are lapped or poorly digested food.

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Oats grow best in shallow bowls. Suitable plastic or plastic containers and ceramic pots. It is desirable that the diameter of the dish was big enough – this will allow you to grow a greater number of young grass.

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In a bowl you must put the earth without the rocks, its depth was about 1-1,5 cm from Top to evenly distribute the seeds of oats that you can buy at the pet store, and fill them with earth 1 cm Top layer of soil it is better to slightly crush with your hand. Instead of land you can also use fine sawdust.

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Planted seeds of oats should be well watered and cover with plastic wrap or a plastic bag to create the greenhouse effect. For better growth of grass is very important to keep the earth kept slightly damp. And that the seeds have germinated faster, they can be soaked in the gauze, until you see little green sprouts.

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Once the seeds sprout, the tape should be removed. And on the jar it is better to draw a grid with large cells. For these purposes it is possible to use, for example, a grid of fruit or potatoes. With this design the cat could easily have sprouted oats, not digging the ground.

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Because animals like young grass, oats should be planted two times per month. To grow it should as long as the grass will not rise to 5-6 cm.

Many cats can't eat the growing grass. To introduce this necessary element in their diet, should be cut off the sprouted oats and add it to food of animal, slightly crushing.