And is it necessary?

The first question that the prospective buyer needs to answer: "They gave me really necessary?" Yes, to play professional football boots to the pitch, very comfortable and nice. Unless, of course, to play constantly, and not about once in five years. And don't use them on artificial grass, the ground or street pavement where this specific Shoe will quickly become unusable.

So shoes should be selected based on, first of all, from the cover, which is going to play. And if your company rented for "football Fridays" artificial turf, then it is more suitable for "centipede" with many small thorns. And not those in which "runs the Messi".

Look on the shelf

To buy shoes anywhere. But better to do it in specialty stores that sell high-quality German or Italian football shape. Yes, the boots that they sell are much more expensive than the usual "sporting Goods". But they will certainly last much longer and will save from injuries. Plus, "football" the store is allowed to rely on the assistance of the seller and the opportunity to try on dozens of models. And to guarantee that you are not buying a cheap fake.

Size, still the size!

Pick up the boots need very carefully, preferably with professional help. So, if boots made of genuine leather, it is important to prevent as stiffness of the legs, and hanging out in the Shoe. So never hesitate and measure to the bitter end. After all, the main task of the seller is marketing you a vending item and not help injury.

Pros also recommend that if the choice fell on the cheaper boots, faux-leather, to get the model size up. Because the foot swells when playing, and the artificial skin is stretched.

In search of kangaroos

The material from which made shoes, deserves no less attention than their size. In addition to the artificial, the top of boots can be made of several types natural leather. Which, naturally, affects the price of the shoes.

The most common materials used in sewing are not the most expensive boots that are durable and well stretchable, like calfskin, and microfiber. But the most common, and most expensive, are the cleats made from kangaroo leather. However, they are common mostly among the real masters of football.