You will need
  • - the wrench;
  • - nail;
  • - open-end wrench;
  • - the drain mechanism;
  • - sealing gasket;
  • - shut-off valve;
  • - the cable;
  • - the sack of sand.
If the tank is not reached and water in order to flush the toilet, you have to fetch water in a bucket and empty it as soon as you can solve this annoying problem. To do this, Unscrew wrench flexible hose connecting the tank with the supply pipe, and check whether the water is supplied through a hose.
If the water is flowing, then the problem of looking for is not in the eyeliner, and something else: it often happens that the cause of the problem lies in the blockage, so grab a nail or any other sharp object and clean the connection pipe with the tank.
One of the common problems – seeping water in the toilet bowl, which on its inner side appear rusty streaks. If such a problem occurs in your toilet, try as quickly as possible to change the drain mechanism and sealing gasket. To do this, turn off the water.
After the remove position with open end wrench fasteners connecting the tank to the toilet, and adjust the drain mechanism and sealing gasket.
If the shut-off valve tank no longer hold the water, causing the water just overflows the reservoir, so worn out locking mechanism. There is an urgent need to replace the shut-off valve, and sometimes the float mechanism. Turn off the water, remove the locking mechanism.
Go with him to the nearest store plumbing (having the old locking mechanism, it will be easier to pick up a new item). Install new shut off valve and turn on the water supply.
If suddenly clogged toilet, push a small sack of sand to drain water: this way you can easily fix it. If the attempt does not give the desired result, use rope.