Modern metered-dose inhalers are divided into two types: aerosol and powder

Powder inhalers contain as its active substance the drug in powder form. And work powder inhalers begin with the breath. Some of them are produced already with medicinal powder inside, and some you need to "recharge" medicine before using.

Aerosol inhaler contain the active substance in the form of fine powder or suspension. In the lungs the drug enters with the help of the evacuating gas. The inhaler is activated by pressing the valve.

To properly use the inhaler you have to train and follow the following instructions.

Dry powder inhaler:

• If necessary, install in the inhaler, the capsule with medication;
• If the inhaler contains a medication, shake it for several times;
• Take a deep calm breath and a calm exhale;
• Make a seal around the lip of the mouthpiece of the inhaler and take a deep breath full chest, full force of his lungs;
• Hold the breath for at least 10 seconds;
• Remove the inhaler and take slow, full breath;
• If necessary, repeat these steps;
• Rinse your mouth after all procedures.

Metered-dose aerosol inhaler:

• Remove the mouthpiece protective cap;
• Flip the inhaler up can;
• Shake it several times;
• Take a deep relaxing breath and exhale;
• Make a seal around the mouthpiece with the lips;
• Start a deep breath at the maximum ability of the lungs and simultaneously press on the bottom of the canister. Your breath must occur simultaneously with the release of the medication;
• Hold your breath for 10 seconds;
• Remove the inhaler and make a quiet exhalation;
• Repeat inhalation if necessary after 30 seconds;
• Rinse your mouth with clean water.

Many aerosol inhalers come with a spacer. A spacer is a special auxiliary device for inhalation, one end of which is mounted on the inhaler, and the other is the patient mouthpiece. Use an aerosol inhaler with a spacer is the best, because it is a simple device facilitates the use of the inhaler and enhances the quality of inhalation.

Inhalation with the spacer:

• Remove the mouthpiece cap;
• Connect the spacer to the mouthpiece;
• Flip the inhaler spray up and shake;
• Take a deep breath and fully exhale;
• Clasp your lips the mouthpiece of the spacer;
• Click on the bottom of the container and after 1-2 seconds, start to do deep slow breaths;
• Hold your breath for 10 seconds;
• Remove the spacer and make a quiet exhalation;
• Disassemble design, rinse mouth with water, wash and dry the spacer.

Through the use of this simple device greatly increases the quality of the inhalation, because too large particles deposited on the chamber walls, and the medicine forms a homogeneous slurry that is able to reach the point of destination: of the bronchi.
Use inhalers correctly, and then their effectiveness will increase significantly and may decrease the need for their use.