The appeal to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation it is specified. To begin, write the header, which specifies the name of the judicial authority where you are applying, i.e. the constitutional court of the Russian Federation. Next, specify the applicant and complete information about it - the initials, postal address, preferably with the index.
If an appeal is filed from a private individual, and the organization, in line, in which you must specify information about the applicant, write to the information Commissioner on the complaint of the person. Be sure to specify its position.
Next, shall describe the essence of your appeal. This should be information about the name and legal address of the state body which adopted the disputed decision or issued the act or document that needs to be checked. About the next paragraph, consult with a competent lawyer, because next you need to specify the articles and the provisions of the Constitution, which, in your opinion, have been violated. Actually, this will explain why you appealed to the higher court.
To the court it was easier to work with your application, be sure to include as much information about the disputed document title, number, date when it was adopted, publication source and other data that you know about this paper.
Clear, detailed and simply list the applicant's position on the issue. But note that all your arguments must be supported by appropriate references to those or other legal acts or articles of laws. Next, specify your requirements. As a conclusion, specify a list attached to the application documents, evidence in your favor.
As the attached documents you can use the text of the act, which should be subject to verification; power of attorney, if the plaintiff's interests in court are represented by the Plenipotentiary representative; receipt of payment of the state fee; and a certified translated documents if the complaint or the materials attached thereto, written in a foreign language.
All these papers should be applied to the treatment of original and copies in the amount of 30 pieces in case they are served from the entity. Citizens of the same number of copies reduced to 3 pieces.
The size of state duty payable is 300 R.