Start to become beautiful with nail

Hands are the calling card of a well-groomed girls. First and foremost make an appointment for a manicure. Yourself you will not give your nails such a gloss as at the salon. If the street is summer, do not forget about pedicures. You can also increase the nails, cover them with acrylic, gel Polish, conventional colored or colorless lacquer. Always actually looks French manicure with whitened tips of the nails. If you decided to do a manicure with normal varnish, visit the salon as close as possible to the date of your important events at the end of the allotted weeks, to varnish is not peeled at the wrong time.

Tidy hair

Even if you look, the roots of the hair, ruined hair and split ends will make your look untidy. Be sure to visit the Barber and get their hair done. You may have to make any beauty treatment or to purchase special tools for installation. Do not use for coloring cheap paint and not paint yourself - master will help to achieve the desired shade and not to spoil the hair. Do not keep for long hair if your ends look like a sponge. Make a fashionable haircut, and you will notice how your appearance will be transformed.
The care elevates mood, improves self-esteem and prevent depression.

Go to the beautician

The air of big cities, daily stress, lack of sleep and poor quality of food adversely affect the appearance of the skin. It becomes dull, pores dilate, the capillaries and fine lines. Sign up to the beautician and find out what care you need. You may need a facial, massage or anti-aging treatment. Beautician will not only hold the necessary procedures, but will advise on the most suitable beauty products.
After a visit to the beautician preferably the day not to use cosmetics.

Take care of the body

Sedentary work and lack of physical activity negatively affect the body. It becomes less flexible and fluid, worsening posture. You will help the masses and moderate physical activity, for example, a few classes of yoga. Not worth much to train before their big day - muscle pain will negate all efforts to acquire beautiful posture. And to maintain the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, you can go for a SPA treatment or simply take a relaxing bath with essential oils.