The famous Birkin bag?

French brand Hermes symbolize exclusivity, individuality and uniqueness. It is recognized around the world. Birkin handbag has a stunning workmanship, high quality leather, perfect proportions. They are decorated with precious metals and rare stones. But these ladies are ready to pay not so much for luxury as for the exclusivity.

The original models of these bags cannot be purchased in retail stores. In a pinch you can find one of the bags in the official boutiques Hermes. But usually bags Birkin are made to order, and the wait can take several years. Of course, the market is full of really high quality copies of these handbags that are much cheaper than originals. But, alas, they do not give amazing feeling of exclusivity.

You need to understand that the fewer instances of a particular model, the Birkin, has released the fashion house, the higher the price. To buy the original bags, you need to go to the official boutique. The price of these bags Birkin starts at nine thousand dollars, it is therefore not necessary to buy them somewhere other than the official shops on Hermes. At unknown shops and these bags just don't appear, no matter what the sellers in such shops.

Difficulties with buying

On new bags Birkin there is an impressive place. In some cases, the expectation of the unique models was delayed for five or six years. A true fashionista say that after a year of waiting that bag the joy of receiving it will be immense.

To purchase a Birkin at the official site Hermes. There is all the necessary information about the company's activities, including about the famous bags. On the website you can order. Bought thus bag comes with a special certificate. If you order a bag that is not available to the mass consumer, you will probably have to wait at least a couple of months, as demand for these accessories despite the high prices, very high.

Unfortunately, the financial requirement for the purchase of this Birkin bags is very high. Over the years the brand has become a legend, interest in it increases, which contributes to lower prices. If you really want to acquire the kind of bags from Hermes, you can use a good online store that specializiruetsya on selling quality copies of these bags. Generally a good copy that a layman is unlikely at first sight to distinguish from the original, worth nearly five thousand roubles that makes copies of the Birkin available for purchase. But think about it, it may be worthwhile to purchase the original bag is not as legendary firm, Dokenov a couple of thousand, instead of spending money on a quality fake?