Advice 1: How to distinguish original Hermes bags

Bag Hermes - accessory that can emphasize the special status of its owner. To afford the original bag from the manufacturer can only very wealthy women.
How to distinguish original Hermes bags

Hermes bags and their cost

The founder of the fashion house Hermes began by Thierry Hermes, who knew all the subtleties and secrets of working with leather. He created the famous Birkin bag, and later established its production. At the present time become the owner of bags from Hermes are very prestigious. This is not just a fashion accessory but a kind of indicator of the welfare of its owner.

It is known that the original Hermes bag worth more than $ 35,000. In the world there is a lot of women who are willing to spend this amount on a prestigious accessory. Before becoming owner of the coveted Birkin handbags, for instance, women have to wait their turn. Sometimes the wait stretched to a year or even for a longer period.

How to distinguish original Hermes bags from a fake

Currently, there are many manufacturers that are engaged in the fake Hermes handbags. Some of them do it very professionally, but often copy the design of the famous bags.

Women customers who are well familiar with goods produced by company Hermes, will be able to distinguish the fake from the original. Original bags are not sold in malls and traditional stores. They can be purchased in boutiques or custom made.

Each Hermes bag has a unique number, so to verify its authenticity is not very difficult. The individual number is stamped on some fittings.

All Hermes bags made of leather of the highest quality. In the production of most use a thin calf-skin, but designers are also offering shoppers products from ostrich, crocodile.

All original Hermes bags is durable and neat stitched seams, recessed into the leather and shaped "Christmas trees." The thread for the firmware being used is thick and durable. Before applying it is required to process wax.

Accessories used in the production of Hermes handbags made from gold or palladium. Because of this it does not lose its appearance. These bags women can pass on from generation to generation. With the years, their value only increases.

On the original Hermes handbags should not be marriage. They are very strict quality control. The lining products must be made from the finest goatskin leather.

The original bag from the famous fashion houses are very expensive. On the shelves of trendy boutiques, you can meet high quality fake Hermes handbags that are 2 times cheaper. Despite the fact that these products is at first sight difficult to distinguish from the original product, they are fake.

Advice 2: How to distinguish a fake Louis Vuitton bags

The brand Louis Vuitton is a kind of guarantee of quality and style. That is why he uses the deserved love and respect. Unfortunately, this popularity has a downside - Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeited brands. But as far as quality was not a fake, it can't compare with the original. A little observation, attention and patience and you will be able quite easily to distinguish a fake handbag from Louis Vuitton authentic branded things.
How to distinguish a fake Louis Vuitton bags
Please note the price of the product. Louis Vuitton is a very expensive brand. Prices for bags start from 300 EU. And it is in Europe. If you offer a purse for 3000 rubles, you can be absolutely sure that it is a fake.
Carefully palpate the material from which the bag is made. The skin should be soft, pleasant to the touch, tightly stretched and uniformly colored. Most fakes are made of poor quality vinyl or hard leather.
Carefully inspect the seams of the bags - they must be small and very neat. They may not be traces of glue or loose threads. Examine the handles - the number of stitches should be the same.
Note the zipper - it can't be plastic. Zipper on Louis Vuitton handbags metal monogram.
Feel lining bags - original products, it resembles the feel of suede.
Examine the logo is the face of the House. Therefore, in the original bag, you will never see cropped or asymmetrically located letters LV. However, on some models, made from a single piece of leather, the letters can be flipped upside down.
Inspect the fittings. It should be located symmetrically and well secured. All metal parts of the bag must be marked Louis Vuitton or LV. Bolts located on the inner side of the original bagshave the form of six-pointed star. Louis Vuitton does not close the metal parts of new products with cellophane or cloth.
All bags of Louis Vuitton have their own code. More precisely, there are two codes, but the second one is internal - you can hardly detect. External code usually consists of 2 letters and 4 digits. If this is missing, this is a clear sign of forgery.
Pay attention to the packaging. The product should be wrapped in white paper and glue the labels. If the sticker has a rectangular shape, it should be written Louis Vuitton. If you all can stand the LV logo.
On the corporate package must be the inscription: LOUISVUITTON - MaisonFondeeen 1854 - Paris. If the package is written only LOUISVUITTON, it is a fake. Covers supplied with a bag that should have a light yellow or mustard color, to be soft to the touch, have a monogram Louis Vuitton.

Advice 3: How to distinguish original Louis Vuitton bag from a fake?

Louis Vuitton is a world famous fashion house, to have the things he wants a huge amount of fashionistas from all over the world. No wonder this brand is the most counterfeited in the world. Lately non-original bags have become so good quality what to recognize them is almost impossible. Those willing to use illegal sellers and girls who have not enough money for a real bag. However, there are some ways by which you can distinguish the original from even good, but fake.
How to distinguish original Louis Vuitton bag from a fake?

So the first thing we can advise is to carefully examine the collection of the brand. It so happens that the bag that sell, perfect on all counts, but still is a fake. For example, the model Vernis has never been in black bags, while on various sites actively sell in this colour. Another example is bags brand with berry or floral print. Such handbags have Louis Vuitton never existed.

Making sure that both the model and colors of the bags match, you should carefully inspect the item you intend to buy. Check the seams, lining, leather, patch, fittings and location of the logo "LV". Let us examine the order.

Leather handles the brand has a special property that over time it oxidizes and turns dark Golden brown. Therefore, if you purchase a new bag it has white leather handles and straps, you should know that most likely it is a fake bag.

Then take a look at the lining. It must exactly match the lining provided on the official website. Vuitton Louis faces also pays great attention to the seams. The seams should be smooth, neat. You should pay attention to the seams particular model, because each model of bags has established rules on the number of stitches. For example, the bag Speed the number of stitches on the mounts of the handles is five on each side of the Pentagon, in the form which made this mount.

The hardware consists of gold or copper (again, for each model all individually), and the shape of the stripe and its location on the bag should be found on the official website. The letters "LV" on most bags (except for some vintage models) symmetrical and have an easily recognizable pattern.

Also, when choosing handbags pay attention to the code. Each bag should be a similar marking; it allows you to see when and where they were manufactured this bag. These were the main ways the difference original Louis Vuitton bags.

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