Hermes bags and their cost

The founder of the fashion house Hermes began by Thierry Hermes, who knew all the subtleties and secrets of working with leather. He created the famous Birkin bag, and later established its production. At the present time become the owner of bags from Hermes are very prestigious. This is not just a fashion accessory but a kind of indicator of the welfare of its owner.

It is known that the original Hermes bag worth more than $ 35,000. In the world there is a lot of women who are willing to spend this amount on a prestigious accessory. Before becoming owner of the coveted Birkin handbags, for instance, women have to wait their turn. Sometimes the wait stretched to a year or even for a longer period.

How to distinguish original Hermes bags from a fake

Currently, there are many manufacturers that are engaged in the fake Hermes handbags. Some of them do it very professionally, but often copy the design of the famous bags.

Women customers who are well familiar with goods produced by company Hermes, will be able to distinguish the fake from the original. Original bags are not sold in malls and traditional stores. They can be purchased in boutiques or custom made.

Each Hermes bag has a unique number, so to verify its authenticity is not very difficult. The individual number is stamped on some fittings.

All Hermes bags made of leather of the highest quality. In the production of most use a thin calf-skin, but designers are also offering shoppers products from ostrich, crocodile.

All original Hermes bags is durable and neat stitched seams, recessed into the leather and shaped "Christmas trees." The thread for the firmware being used is thick and durable. Before applying it is required to process wax.

Accessories used in the production of Hermes handbags made from gold or palladium. Because of this it does not lose its appearance. These bags women can pass on from generation to generation. With the years, their value only increases.

On the original Hermes handbags should not be marriage. They are very strict quality control. The lining products must be made from the finest goatskin leather.

The original bag from the famous fashion houses are very expensive. On the shelves of trendy boutiques, you can meet high quality fake Hermes handbags that are 2 times cheaper. Despite the fact that these products is at first sight difficult to distinguish from the original product, they are fake.