You will need
  • Computer, two keyboards.
Connecting the main keypad. This action is quite simple. The user only need connect the keyboard to the appropriate connector located on the rear panel of the computer case. Note that the keyboard will always be in work mode. For example, the USB keyboard will not allow you to work with the BIOS, while the primary device will be perfect here to cope with their tasks.
Connecting a second keyboard. To connect to the computer, the second information input device, it should provide a USB connection. That is, the second keypad must be connected to a PC via the USB interface. As in the previous case, you simply insert the plug of the device into a free port. Installation of any additional software in this case is optional. Note that you can connect exactly USB keyboards, how many ports provided on your computer.
If you need to connect a wireless keyboard as an extra, you will need certain software. Disk with the necessary drivers you will find in the kit with the keyboard. Install prerequisites, and after that, go to connection keyboard.
To connect a wireless device to enter the information that you need to insert the signal transmitter of the keyboard into a free USB port. System, so we installed earlier drivers will detect the connected device and will allow you to use it. It is worth noting that this type of keyboard (like USB) does not work BIOS.