The set of wireless devices includes the USB adapter, driver CD and the mouse itself. The first thing to do is to install the driver into the operating system. Insert the ROM supplied in the drive; if the autorun started, the drivers installed themselves. If nothing happens, open the disc in Windows Explorer and look for files with names “Install.exe” or “Setup.exe”. Start them now.
Plug the wireless adapter into the USB port of the computer. The system will detect the new device, scans for drivers for it and will report about the successful installation of the equipment.
Be careful with the batteries for the mouse, if they are not included in the package. After the detection of the USB adapter, insert the batteries in the mouse. Normally, this is enough for installation and determine the wireless mouse. Rarely, you may need to restart the computer.
Some models are equipped with additional buttons for adjustment and settings of the adapter and mouse signals from each other. If your devices are switches there to click them. In some models, the wireless devices need a few seconds to hold these buttons pressed. Do I need to do it for your wireless mouse, or tone settings of the adapter and the mouse occur in any other way, you should read the user guide.