1. So, if the trip to Berlin planned a lot to navigate on public transport, you must purchase a travel card which is valid for 24 hours. This is a very good investment and will save you a few tens of euros. There is also a group travel, which is designed for 5 people, but if you are less than 5, then buy such a ticket is unprofitable.

2. The second Council, which will help to save up to several hundred euros is a night bus. Not many tourists know that in Berlin there are night buses, on which you can easily reach the desired point, it will not allow you to splurge on a taxi, because it is quite expensive in this country.

3. The following advice is suitable for students. In many museums for students huge discounts and use them, if you have an international student card. Make it beforehand, it will help to save money and to learn more about the cultural traditions of the city.

4. In the centre of Berlin is usually very expensive in local cafes and restaurants. However, inexpensive meal can be very close. Should go to a large shopping center where price will be at least 2 times below, than in the cafe on the same street.

5. Also beneficial to cook for myself and purchased in supermarkets. There enough democratic prices and this will save a significant part of the budget and spend it more productively.

6. Hotels in Berlin are rather expensive but this city has a huge number of hostels where you can live, because the quality of this type of housing is at a high level.

7. Before you go to Berlin, you need to clearly make a plan of action. To go to the sites of those places that are going to attend. Maybe you know about any promotions, or when you buy a ticket in advance can save you a few euros.

Thus, it is possible to notice that the holiday in Berlin can be budget. By following these tips on traveling to Berlin, you can save from 50 to several hundred euros that are sure to delight travelers, because the quality of travel is not affected.