For visa grant in the visa section two of the questionnaire, certified by your signature, three photos of format 4 cm on 5 cm, passport and a Russian passport, which must state the place of residence or registration. The validity of the passport must end at least three months after the period of validity of the visa.
Also, you will need to present the invitation of the German side, which will reflect the address, duration of the trip and the commitment of the inviting person to cover all costs (including medical) that may arise during your stay in the country. The inviting person must verify his signature to the competent German authority for foreigners. In addition to the original of the invitation also give a copy of it.
If the inviting person will not assume the cost of providing medical assistance that you may need during your stay in the country, you will not be able to obtain a visa. To avoid this, provide medical insurance and its copy.
For a visa for a child under the age of 18 who will be travelling without parents or with only one of them, you must provide a notarized statement in which the person having parental or guardianship rights, agree to leave the child out of the country. The original application attach a single copy.
In most cases, these documents will be sufficient for obtaining a visa. If you have any questions you can poprosit to provide additional documents.You may be denied entry to Germany and other Schengen member States, if it is established fact indicate incorrect information or provide false documents.