Looking for indoor

The potential places where you can find it in the apartment, bed, bathroom and dressing room. First look: most likely, the earring came off when you changed clothes or dried off after a shower.

Inspect the clothes go, the earring might catch on, for example, for knitted sweater. Look under furniture and major appliances. Unscrew the sediment bowl at the sink, suddenly you accidentally washed off the earring. Penetrante trash.

Contact a cleaner. Just pre-wrap the head with gauze or a piece of nylon to shackle does not suck. Thoroughly vacuum not only the carpet, and upholstered furniture, the folds of sofas and armchairs.

If you did the cleaning before he discovered the loss, shake the dust bag or container cleaner.

Decoration can be filled up for the plinth or into the crack between the floorboards. In this case, the graphics will not before you start to repair the apartment.

If you dropped an earring in the office, first contact the person who cleans the room, suddenly your loss already found. Hang a note on the Bulletin Board, perhaps conscious colleague, the finder of your jewelry, return it.

If the earring is lost on the street

If discovered missing right after he went into the room, the first thing to inspect clothes, maybe the earring got caught on the jacket collar or scarf.

Go back the same route that you went. Remember, not stayed there somewhere. The chances are that you find an earring on the road.

When some idea of the search area or dropped decoration on the site (in the yard), you can seek the help of a metal detector. Of course, if among your friends are the owner of this device. In some cities you can rent a metal detector rent.

If a piece of jewelry, expensive memory as you post a ad with a picture of earrings with a request to return it for a reward. Another option is to walk to the local pawnshops and dealers.

The search failed

Left without a pair of earring made of precious metals can be melted, for example, in a neat pendant. Or, conversely, to book a jeweler new earring pattern remaining.

Can I take jewelry in jewelry shop or a store for money. But a large amount should not count: Gypsy decoration will go as scrap precious metals.

Jewelry can be used as material for Handicrafts. It is suitable for home decoration, embroidery or as part of homemade jewelry.