You will need
  • - consultation of the breeder;
  • - food for kittens premium or extra class;
  • - a bowl for dry food;
  • - a bowl for clean water.
Dry food is made of hydrolyzed meat, with herbs, vegetables, cereals, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and provides kitten complete growth and development. Transfer it is possible not earlier than in two months when the kitten is fully formed teeth, and he will learn to chew well.
перевод кошки на сухой корм
The convenience of feeding dry food obviously. In addition, they contain everything you need, they don't go bad in a bowl, do not stain the kitten and the floor near the place of feeding. For kittens, there are special dry food more fine and soft granules. Better if selected will feed a premium or extra class. On the packaging of all manufacturers specify the age at which you can start to give the kitten a particular food. Therefore, you should carefully read the instructions, besides the store has a shopper who will talk in detail about the benefits of all types of feed.
влияет сухой корм на здоровье кошки
Transfer to dry food within 10-15 days as it depends on the individual animal. Some kittens are very quick and easy to get used to dry food, while others need at least 15, and sometimes more, days for habituation.
перевести котенка на корм
The first days it is necessary to pour a few pellets to his usual food. If the kitten is not one of them touches the dry food should be moistened or mixed with regular food.
сухой корм плюс паучи
Daily (during this period) the number of habitual food should be reduced, the amount of dry food to increase.
как приучит котенка к сухому корму
When the kitten used to dry food, the dose that is listed on each package, you need to pour in a clean bowl every morning at the same time. The bowl from the water carefully to wash and fill with fresh. If you go for a long time, you should pour more food and put two bowls of water. Water always takes 4-5 times more than dry food. So that in a bowl have always been fresh water, should be closely monitored.
If the kitten is fully transferred on dry food, we give him regular food because it can cause indigestion. The translation of darling kittens on dry food, you should always consult with the breeder about what food is most suitable for a particular breed.