Smoke in a dream – a controversial sign

Smoke in a dream can be quite different. For example, a dark thick smoke portends unpleasant events that will happen from day to day, and white smoke promises prosperity and a good future. Often the smoke in a dream can portend and a quick meeting with your partner. For this to happen, the smoke should dream in the form of a light white veil, creeping on something pleasant and beautiful, for example, on the flowery meadow. Black smoke predicts scandals, squabbles and intrigues in the near future no need to get involved in a dubious situation, to fight and hurt people.

It is not necessary to enjoy the dreams in which the smoke envelops the dreamer, like a fog. To be in the thick of the smoke, according to some interpreters, means, to experience a state of self-delusion in reality. The fact that on the love front or in the professional field, there were problems associated with the determination of the dreamer: he can't decide on a particular solution, he's confused. It would be nice to relax both physically and mentally.

Smoke dreams for deceptions, fears and vanity

False fears and vain the fear of experiencing the one who in a dream sees the smoke of his own house. The main thing is to smoke in the house was without fire. Smoke blanketed everything in the house veil, suggests that the dreamer is unaware that something serious is happening behind him, but he carefully concealed. Oddly enough, but to see a bright flame, over which rises a thick smoke, is the harbinger of happiness. So says the dream book of Miller.

If you had cigarette smoke, the reality of may occur short-lived and deceptive glory, caused by the vanity of the dreamer and his overconfidence. Acrid smoke from the cigarette in a dream may indicate that the envious behind the back weave, the dreamer awash in their adulation and false praise. Often a dream in which there is smoke without fire, can function as a tip: maybe the dreamer is not out there looking for. The fact that he can see the problem is not where they are.

What do you say Vanga and Nostradamus?

According to Vanga dream book, to dream of a lot of smoke to disappointment, melancholy, trouble. If the smoke rises and spreads across the bottom, then the dream most likely means nothing. The dreamer in the near future will not happen anything bad, but good too. The owner of sleep just need to be content with what he has. According to the prophesies of Nostradamus, to dream of thick smoke – not to personal problems, but to global humanity disasters: earthquakes, fires, droughts, etc.