Installing and setting up Minecraft

To download the demo version of Minecraft is available for free on the official website of the game. The paid version costs $20 and opens experienced players, a number of features that beginners is not as important.

When you configure the program you need to register on the Central server You can then choose language settings, set the mouse sensitivity and screen resolution in game mode.
Despite its phenomenal popularity, the game Minecraft was developed relatively recently. Server was launched in 2010.

"Garena Plus"

"Garena Plus" is one of the simplest services of online gaming. In order to play Minecraft on a network, you must install agent "Garena Plus" to register in the system. Next you need to navigate to the "Games", select "Minecraft Network". The system will provide a list of available servers. Select, click "Open room" (Open room). Next "Garena Plus" will offer you to choose the right race, character, map etc.


Hamachi is tool for creating virtual LANs. It is often used to start multiplayer games. To complete the work servers it is necessary that all players have a virtual network coincided version of Minecraft and Hamachi.

After installing Hamachi you will be prompted to connect to the network and assign your computer a "virtual" IP. Will be configured a local network server. Having a key server, you can invite to a multiplayer game other players. The advantage of working with Hamachi that virtual server will belong to you, so you'll be able to set the rules of their own community.
There are add-ons and fashion, which could significantly diversify the gameplay of Minecraft. So, generators can improve the energy supply, and Tomahawks to kill the monsters on the principle of "boomerang".

Search for players

There are a lot of communities and Minecraft players. The largest Russian resource where you can find opponents - PTZ (see "Resources"). It is possible to pick up players that are "Online", and to invite them to join your server.

On most community sites published rankings of players. It is advisable to offer to compete the TOP players: so you can quickly master the strategies and tricks of Minecraft. Often portals players of Minecraft competitions with cash prizes.