How to make a fondant flesh-colored

Putty is easy to mold figurines of people, which then decorate the wedding cake. Their faces, hands should be solid colors to shapes look good.

Food coloring is not pleasing variety of colors. Depending on what kind of saturation you want flesh color in the finished mastic is added a drop of brown dye. Then get a pale flesh color. In addition to drop brown, drop blue and red dye. In this case, the color will be more intense.

Improve color

In any case, first, in the prepared paste, which is white, add one drop of food coloring, and mass is made well. If turned pale, then you need to add more brown and knead again.

If you went overboard with the dye and the solid color is too dark, then help out the white fondant. But don't add it all darkened mass. Take a little, mix with light. If the color suits, the same ratio is added white fondant to the rest dark.

The perfect solution will be candy marshmallow white. Placed it on a plate, put briefly in the microwave and take out, when the mass melted. It is a perfect base for mastic. Bright candy will help if a lot was added more brown coloring than you need.

Rolled fondant will help out, if want to be on the surface of the cake adorned with a Lily. From this postmark to make funny of cartoons. These figurines to decorate the cake for the birthday child.

You can involve the creation of mastic children, but there is a small nuance. If they will sculpt the detail, part of the dye will remain on the palms. It is not so easy then bring.
Better sculpt of coloured mastic in the rubber medical gloves, then your hands will remain clean.

After the figures of mastic fashioned, you have to dip your hands in water and spend them on sweets, then the sealant will Shine and the sweet masterpieces look amazing.