Forming the idea of the future drawing, you must have at least an idea of what I want to get a result (whether it's a black and white picture, or the author has conceived a masterpiece, raging with all the colors of the rainbow). Based on this knowledge, you can choose a tool i.e. a pencil.


Simple slate pencils, despite the seeming lack of options for colors, boggles the imagination. Since the spectrum of shades of these drawings varies from white to color of black carbon, including various shades of gray.

To simplify to itself life, to the artist it is best to have in its Arsenal a large selection of pencils. From very hard (8H – for the thin bright lines or strokes) to very soft (16B – to create a thick thick black dashes). If there is such a diversity in the canister will not have to expend additional time, for example, to darken the area not a soft pencil. And Vice versa.

Colored pencils

Colored pencils will allow you to create a bright colorful pattern. And using the technique of mixing colors, using a relatively-small set you can create a wide range of shades.

Besides all the more common among artists watercolor colored pencils. They have absorbed the characteristics of colored pencils and watercolor. Using in drawing the water, they can achieve a beautiful transparent effects.

The choice of pencils in the store

When visiting the art shop or stationery, inexperienced buyer is likely to be confused by the huge choice offered by today's manufacturers. One thing is certain: in this segment of goods, works checked pattern "price reflects quality". And Yes, you can be sure that buying the most expensive pencils (unless, of course, it's not a range of a stall at the bus stop), get the best tool for creativity. Another issue is that not the most expensive is not always bad. The easiest way to find "your" (suitable for a particular artist), trying a certain brand. Boxed pencils are relatively inexpensive, but choosing a clear favorite, it will be possible to spend money on a whole package.

If we are talking about colored pencils, piece they sell very rare. Then when you select better based on the feedback of the sellers (as in specialized shops people not far from the art, and which probably was holding a pencil and not even one), teachers, and fellow artists.

Should not stop once accidentally bought the type or manufacturer of pencils. After all, the art materials, their quality are of great importance to obtain the best result.