How is Demodex mite

Demodex mite looks like a worm of microscopic size, which you can see only under a microscope. It is located in the upper layer of skin and can even walk on it, what people feel, of course, simply can not. That's why the infection is pretty easy, especially during direct contact with a carrier.

Also Demodex mite can be transmitted to others through linens, wet towels or pillows. Easy to get to him and using toiletries and cosmetic devices, combs, mascara, powder, washcloths, brushes or sponges. That is why it is very important not to use someone else's makeup and not give anyone their. Apart from this contagious mite Demodex can sometimes bring in beauty salons and beauty centers where you do not observe basic rules of hygiene. And on the skin of a child he rarely dwells and moreover multiplies.
Mite Demodex most likely to infect people who have greasy skin – it is the environment favorable for the life of the microorganism. The owners of dry skin seldom have such a carrier.

How is demodicosis

Getting on the human skin mite demodex can long time or even for a lifetime is absolutely not manifest itself. However, any violation of the symbiotic relationship with the microflora of the skin and bacteria can trigger the reproduction of the microorganism. This most often occurs when the decrease in immunity after intense physical and emotional stress due to hormonal disturbances or the lack of any substance.

Any of these reasons could trigger active proliferation of the mite Demodex in the skin of the face or scalp, with the result that he will produce a large quantity of harmful substances. Last accumulate in the pores of the skin, cause allergic reactions such as rashes, flaking and redness. And after the Demodex dies, it begins to decompose under the skin, causing acne to appear. After some time, the skin begins to change hue from reddish to greenish-gray.
Usually the rashes occur on the face, affecting the nose, chin or forehead. But sometimes demodicosis also extends to the eyelids, chest and back.

The symptoms of acne is possible by the unusual number of pimples and blackheads, severe redness and flaking skin and itching. At this time, it is important to consult a dermatologist, who will confirm the presence of the parasite after examining the scrape of skin under a microscope, the Demodex, or the traces of his life will be clearly visible. According to the analysis the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment, which generally strengthen the immune system and decreases activity of the mite Demodex.