Highlight the skin from the inside

The internal health of the body positively affects the appearance of the person. One of the "bonuses" nutrition and mobility is a beautiful complexion and smooth skin without blemishes. Give her a gentle tan will help certain foods.

The main "activators" are vegetables and fruits. Including some of them in your daily diet will help you to quickly find the desired shade without resorting to tanning or Solarium. Even the rare sun rays will give your skin a Golden color. For the genuine "touch-up" will include in the daily diet of carrots, peaches, apricots, oranges. But be careful: overuse of these products can give the skin an orange undertone.

Baths, face masks, facial cleanser

Natural remedies for purchasing tanning at home you can use outside. If you want to give shade over the body, use bath with special fillers. Staining of the skin will occur gradually, so in this case it is important regularity.

Home coloring product, the most fast-acting in this direction. In a liter of water add five tablespoons of ground product and cook it according to the rules. Further actions are divided into two stages. First scrub for the entire body. For this strain of the obtained coffee in the middle and add the honey and olive oil. After the scrub take a bath (maximum 20 minutes), adding the brewed beverage. Attach the resulting sun shade by blotting the skin with a towel and causing her rich cream.

The same effect can be obtained with the help of strong brewed tea. The only difference is the lack of pre-peeling. A tea solution (liter or two) pour into a bath and soak in it for about 15 minutes. This procedure will not only help to embellish the cover, but also make the skin more soft, supple and smooth.

Tanning at home can be purchased with the help of masks. Great popularity among girls is used by the procedure using cocoa. Dissolve the dry product with water. The consistency of the mixture should resemble a very thick cream (not dripping). Cover her entire body except for the skin around the eyes. After 20-25 minutes rinse, absorbent towel to remove the excess moisture and follow with a body oil.

To create at home a tan for the entire body – is not easy, time consuming. Therefore, some beauties are doing such extensive treatment is not often – a maximum of once a week. And regularly only support the complexion and decollete.

For such small areas skin cleanser and mask, and wipe using the same products. However, in this case they should choose, focusing on your natural shade: concentrated means paint much faster than diluted. For fair skin use a tea infusion or decoction of chamomile. For sure washing black coffee. Dark-skinned beauties can use carrot juice and masks of this product with the addition of butter and honey.

To tan well kept, procedure, exercise daily, once or twice. Washing can be replaced by wiping the skin with ice cubes created from selected products. These impacts are not just tint, but will make your skin radiant, elastic and counteracts fine lines and wrinkles.