What you need to know?

  • First, you need to determine your skin type to choose the most appropriate tool.
  • Regular exfoliation of the skin with an exfoliant is a must. Also need to use moisturizers for the body.
  • To choose the appropriate tool can only be by trial and error.
  • Means you need to use in accordance with the enclosed instructions

For tanning can be divided into three types: self-tanning, bronzer and the tanning activator.

Probably there is no girl who would not know what a bronzer. Dihydroxyacetone - substance which is the main component of this medium reacts with the skin changes its hue to a darker one. Usually the effect of the spray tan lasts about a week. The resulting hue can be maintained, using the tool regularly.

Now in stores self-tanners presented in different forms. To some it may be more convenient to buy a lotion or cream, and someone spray. But here, of course, it is better to consider the type and characteristics of the skin. According to many girls, the spray of the falls is better and smoother. As for the cream, mousse or lotion don't forget gloves to protect your hands. Before the procedure is necessary to use a body scrub.

If you applied the product unevenly. It's still possible to fix. Best lemon juice that is added to water in a ratio of 2:1. Take a small sponge or cloth and moisten mixture. After you take a shower and thoroughly clean the skin. These steps will help you to even out the tone. It is important not to sunbathe with printed tan, otherwise your skin will begin to turn yellow!

As for the bronzer, it is less resistant than tan, but not so dangerous and gives a pleasant shade. Bronzer is used to maintain the already acquired tan. It can be in the form of powder or lotion. The product is applied to the skin using gloves, massage. After the procedure it is advisable not to wear clothes, at least 10 minutes.

Tanning activator promotes the production of melanin in the skin, and give it a darker shade. It is usually applied prior to the Solarium, but you can use it separately as a standalone tool. Some of these products are combined with the bronzer that gives the best effect.