Is it possible to make a car in Minecraft without mods

Technically to build a machine in the game the creators did not foresee. However, there are many bugs and glitches due to which the creation of the car possible. You can also move on the pig using a saddle. In recent game updates, there were even horses.

However, to make a beautiful and functional machine, still need to install add-ons to the game.

In Minecraft how to make a car no mods

To crafted machine without installing mods, you need to put each other two rows of three block of any material. In front of a wall of blocks you want to place the rails, but they put the cart. The blocks should hang torches, imitating the headlights. The trolley you need to put a saddled pig. Before the rails need to be broken. The trolley will be powered by pig. To manage such a machine is possible by pressing the right mouse button.

How to make a Minecraft car with the mod

For crafting a good auto you need to install The car mod.

To build the machine you need to stock up on two pistons, red dust, two torches, an oven, four pieces of iron, chest, and sixteen pieces of skin.

For the manufacture of motor cars need to put in the window craft the piston in the region of the middle row, center to place the red dust in the bottom corners to put the torches in the Central cell of the last row of the oven.

For crafting wheels in the center of the craft to put a piece of iron, and around eight pieces of leather. Two actions you can get four wheels of the car.

To do in Minecraft machine (without using mods), you need to put the engine, the trunk, two pieces of iron on wheels.