The use of pepper patch is quite common, so you should understand how it works and what are the contraindications for pregnant women exist.

Capsicum plaster - what is it?

Capsicum plaster is a simple rubber bandage, which is impregnated with capsicum extract. The basis for it is a cotton or linen fabric, and the adhesive – rubber adhesive. The active substance patch is kapsin, which is contained in the essential oil of pepper. Substances from the patch does not get into the blood and act only at the local level. Capsin causes local irritation (therefore, pain) and the warming effect on the skin. Due to this, the stimulation of blood circulation in the overlap area of the patch.

The use of pepper patch

At the expense of all his effects, he is widespread in the treatment of various ailments. Go to the benefit of warming up the chest and back for colds. You can also relieve runny nose and cough. For pain in the back and joints distract from the focus of inflammation, thereby, the anesthesia. Monirity, neuralgia, painful muscle spasms are also indications for use of pepper patch.

Capsicum plaster should stick to pre-prepared surface. The skin area is washed and degreased for better adhesion with the adhesive.


Contraindications to use very little, so this patch can be used for almost everyone. Contraindications:

- individual intolerance (happens very rarely);
- children of early age, Yes about 1 or 2 years should not apply, as they have very sensitive skin, the likelihood of a large burn;
- skin lesions at the site of application;
- some diseases of the skin.

Pregnancy is a contraindication?

What about the use of pepper patch during pregnancy there is no consensus. Substances do not penetrate into the blood, so it should not be afraid. Harm can only bring a warming effect. When pregnancy is possible the application of the patch, but not in the lumbar area, as increasing blood circulation and increasing temperatures may cause miscarriage. And if so there is a threat of miscarriage, it is better to do by other means.

Today, there are many alternatives, for example, a cool patch "Nanoplast" and "Ketonal Thermo".

During pregnancy it is better not to risk and not to use anything that can harm the pregnancy, without any evidence. But if other means do not help and without the use of pepper patch is not enough, it is possible, but only after permission of the attending physician and in compliance with all security measures.