The reasons for the appearance of protein in the urine

Protein in the urine may occur after intense physical stress, abuse of protein food, in the time of stress, after cold and fever. External factors affect the body for long. In a day when re urine protein is not detected.

About proteinuria is diagnosed when inflammation of the renal pelvis, ureters or bladder. During menstruation, the urine test may show false proteinuria. Therefore, diagnosis during this period is contraindicated. Heart failure, allergic reactions and nerve conditions can also cause functional proteinuria.

The main factors influencing the appearance of protein in the urine:

  • Infectious diseases of the urinary tract;
  • Increased protein breakdown in the body tissues hemolytic disease, frostbite, burns;
  • Pyelonephritis;
  • Glomerated;
  • Nephropathy;
  • Nephrosis;
  • Lose the kidney tissue;
  • Morning sickness during pregnancy;
  • Tuberculosis of the kidneys;
  • Systemic lesions of small vessels;
  • Hemolytic anemia;
  • Hypertension.

In all conditions involving increased protein in the urine, violated the filtration process. If proteinuria is caused by an infection, occurring pain, body temperature increased. During pregnancy, the appearance of protein in the urine is very dangerous. The woman is diagnosed with very high blood pressure, swelling that requires immediate medical attention because of the threat of miscarriage.

Determination of protein in urine

To determine the protein is enough to pass the urinalysis. To obtain reliable results, it is necessary to conduct collection analysis in sterile containers hygiene of the genital organs. In the lab determine the molecular mass of the protein. The predominance of albumins of low molecular weight indicate a slight degree of tissue damage the kidneys. The secretion of albumin with high molecular weight suggests the presence of severe lesions of the renal tissues. Trace residues of protein in the urine are normal. Detection of protein and high level of white blood cells tells about the inflammatory process in the body, and protein and red blood cells in the kidney damage or on the motion of the stone.

If a pregnant woman identified protein in urine after 32 weeks, it speaks about the severe dysfunction of the placenta. Require immediate hospitalization.


The appearance of protein in the urine is the only symptom that indicates serious disease. Treatment is a urologist. Additionally to the basic therapy of this disease prescribers with antiproteinuric action.