Contact your gynecologist. He will be able to make an accurate calculation, based on the date of your last menstrual period and the size of the child identified on ultrasound. Also the doctor takes into account the size of the uterus. Uterus length of 12 cm approximately corresponds to the third month of pregnancy.
Pass the analysis to the hormone HCG. It appears in a woman's body during implantation of the embryo and the amount of the hormone increases daily. It is determined by the level of HCG pregnancy while using home tests, as it is detected in the urine. This analysis is especially useful in the early period, up to 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. For the first weeks after conception the normal HCG - 150 mu/ml, and at the eighth week, approximately 70,000 IU/ml. keep in Mind that the deviation in performance may indicate non-standard situation about pregnancy. Insufficient levels of HCG and its slow growth may indicate a risk of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, and significantly higher than the norm - a pregnancy with twins or triplets.
Make the counting of time alone. To do this, specify the date of their last period. From them and calculated the duration of pregnancy in weeks. It turns out the so-called obstetric period, which may differ from the date of conception. Normal births occur on the fortieth to forty-second week of obstetric period, that is from the last menstruation. However, in some cases they may occur earlier or be delayed due to overdue pregnancy. The exact date of the onset of labour will not be able to predict even the doctor.
Define the term size belly and the wiggling child. The stomach becomes visible usually in the fourth month, and to move noticeably to the mother the child starts at 18-20 weeks. If a woman is pregnant not for the first time, it is likely that she will feel movement earlier.