Rhythm is the Foundation of any tune. Therefore, before you proceed to the selection of the fight on acoustic or electronic guitar, make sure that the rhythm you have developed enough.
Sense of rhythm is the ability to highlight in the musical flow of weak and strong beats and their duration. To have a sense of rhythm for a musician is much more important than having sensitive hearing.

When you are sure that you already possess the skill start to pick up the fight to the song with otshuchivayas rhythm. Each tune has a weak and strong beats. Try to identify them. You can do this by clapping. Clap your hands, falling into a rhythmic pattern until the song is going to play. After some time you will feel that at what time you are drawn to pop brighter – it will be a strong share.

A simple exercise

The simple exercise that will teach you how to identify a rhythmic pattern, will not take much time. You need a metronome (you can buy in the shop of musical instruments) and clapping their hands.

Start the metronome at a slow mode, such as 45-50 beats per minute, and prihlebyvaja every beat, counting aloud. Then try every fourth hit select (slam harder) and speed up the beats of the metronome.

This exercise is not so much will help you to choose the right battle to the song, how much will you give to understand that such a rhythm. For deeper research should be addressed to the tutor in music or free Internet content.

Guitar battle

Once you master chords, you can proceed with the selection of battle. Basically, the fight consists of four elements: strike the strings down, up kick, mute and pause. A strong beat usually have to strike the strings down, weak – up. And killing and pause is the "performance jewelry".
Pick up your own chords only capable people with sensitive hearing, and music education. If you do not belong to this category of people, then use ready-made collections on the Internet.

Do not forget that the fight is a repetition of the same rhythmic cut. Every song has a cycle that is constantly repeated. Sensing this, you can easily pick up a fight.

Do not neglect the fights, which are commonly used: army combat, simple six, etc. On their basis you will be able to create your battle.

Be original!

Somehow, there is a widespread belief that, singing artist, be sure to do everything exactly to a tee. Of course, the great poets and musicians, before becoming the great, started with imitation.

But imitation will remain an imitation, if not to invest in exploiting their individuality. It's the fact that picking up your own fight the guitar to the song, not necessarily to strive for the full copy. Yeah, maybe instead of hitting down on the strings, as the author, you will break or blow up. The main thing in the song to follow rhythm. And to pick up the exact fight is optional.