You will need
  • guitar;
  • -mediator;
  • -battle for a song.
Pick an appropriate mediator. Because it is inexpensive (30-50 rubles), and lost quite often, then purchase several, and with time select from bought the most convenient for you personally. The role primarily stiffness: the softer the mediator is guaranteed not to tear the string, but requires close enough to bring a hand to the body and creates the characteristic crackle when playing. Hard option has the opposite properties: the strings need to touch only the edge of the base (to take the hand further from the body) and play too intensely additionally - no cod will be created. There are intermediate options of a mediator, which is the "Golden mean".
When playing with a plectrum , your brush needs to be fixed. Blows up and down, are solely due to movement of the elbow: this will allow you to more evenly distribute the pressure on the strings. When the game "brush" you could hook the string and break it.
The fight is chosen for each song individually. The chords and the tablature it is written as "Down--down-up—up-down-up" or the icons: "V--V^--^v^". While a small "v" means "more", weak punch, and large, opposite the primary, emphasizing a strong sound. Blow up strong as a rule, does not happen.
The battle when playing the mediator is not so clearly divided into shares, like a game of Pointe technique. The sound is usually all of the strings at once, and the stroke is determined only by the number of hand movements. For example, the classic "street" fight 6-(1+2+3)-5-(1+2+3) with the help of the mediator not to get.
If you specify the rhythm of the song is necessary, it is necessary to apply more accurate strikes. A strong share, in this case, will be hit all the strings or just the top two. Weak, in turn, clears the sliding movement on the lower three strings, creating a bright, but at the same time non-essential background sound. However, this technique should only be used in separate parts of the song, otherwise the game is a mediator is lost.