At the moment, the market offers a wide variety of goods for children's creativity, including gouache. It is all about the same in composition. Gouache is non-toxic paint, but its contact with the mucous membrane or the digestive system is fraught with complications, so do not leave small children painting with gouache, without supervision. Gouache is quite fatty and does not require a strong dilution with water, and without it she well go, unlike watercolors. However, the wet brush you can easily correct the mistake, that will not do, for example, oil paint. So gouache is so perfect for children's creativity. It is also easy to mix together, forming new colors and shades.
To draw the flowers with gouache, you need to first make a pencil sketch. Flowers to draw easy enough, you just need to observe them in nature. The flower usually consists of petals gathered around the core. The petals are drawn as simple geometric shapes. In most flowers the petals are rounded, but more elongated than the core. Do not try to draw all the petals the same shape, in nature, nothing is identical. Some petals may be less, some more. Some are twisted, others straight. Some bright and saturated colors, while others have lost their paint, ready to fall off.
After you draw the pencil sketch, prepare the paint. If necessary, on the palette, mix the right colors to get new shades. Where the flower falls the light, the petals are lighter. In the shade of the color will be more intense. The basis of a new color palette when painting with gouacheis the addition of white - that is white paint. Using this you can pass like the fading colors and the transparency of the color. If you add paint in black color, but it will get brighter and dark colors. Do not try to distinguish the outline of the petals and of the flower a different color, especially black, unless you want to get multiplicaciones image is one of the most common mistakes when painting. Draw the flower's stem. It will be darker than the flower heads as on him will fall the shadow of Bud.