Metal is one of the most difficult textures to sketches and need to learn a lot of the art features, before you start drawing this material. First of all look carefully at metalMATIC subject. Note how it reflects light.
A modern palette of gouache and watercolors are composed of paint, similar to the silverfish. Sometimes it is prepared with the addition of tiny silver sequin that allows her to Shine in the picture. The easiest option to paint metal is to use this paint. If you need to draw some shade of an object or a reflex on the shiny glossy surface, just mix silver paint with a paint of necessary colour.
Colorless metal- diffraction objects you can paint with shades of gray and blue. Try to mix the color of cold, desaturated and almost transparent.
If you paint the metalnical roof, its surface can vary almost all the colors of the palette. On a cloudy day, the metal is grey and dirty. In rainy blue, bright, colorful, or almost sinister – depending on the mood of the whole picture. Transmit the heat by drawing a hot tin roof. In this case, use more yellow, orange, red. Abundantly dilute the paint with water and casually put it on paper, almost "smudge" it with a brush on the sheet. Let the metalnical roof reflects the sun and sky, reports heat. The sky above the roof, make warm, add a little yellow to the transition from metalto air and space. This helps to emphasize coming from metaland heat.
Best metal- diffraction objects to write with watercolors, because the paint is fairly transparent, has a light texture. For colorless metaland dilute with water blue watercolor. If it will fall on the paper unevenly, with streaks, it will even enliven a subject that you draw. If you need to draw other metal- diffraction shades, mix with blue or gray the color. Use more water.
Drawing metal- diffraction objects, pay attention to their interaction with other parts of the still life. Usually the metal reflects myself standing next to the items (reflexes). It is always clearly visible sun glare and the difference between light, shade and penumbra.