A little about the place of work

FGUP "Mail of Russia" was established in 2002 under the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 5 September. The company owns huge extensive network of branches located throughout the territory of Russia, and "Mail of Russia", in addition to sending and delivery of correspondence, also carries a large range of other services.

According to the official information of the Federal state unitary enterprise, accountable to 86 branches and more than 42 thousand post offices in all cities and some towns of the country. The collective of FSUE "Mail of Russia" can populate a fairly large city – more than 380 thousand people who annually process more than 1.5 billion letters, 48 million parcels and more than 110 million individual remittances.

The list of services of the FSUE "Post of Russia" includes about 80 postal, financial, information and communication and other items.

How to get to work in FGUP "Mail of Russia"

The profession of postman, or, to speak correctly, the mailer is suitable as a permanent and temporary employment. The great advantage of the device to work in FGUP "Mail of Russia" is a grassroots threshold of age – at least 16 years of age and no requirements for level of education. The practice of minors relevant to pupils, students up to 18 years and students of other educational institutions. And offered quite a wide selection of vacancies – postman, operator, sorter or another specialty.

In this case, for those wishing to work in FGUP "Mail of Russia" will exist only one limitation: up to 18 years people can not be responsible for material values or to manage a distribution of cash amounts.

If you are under 16 years of age, then the employment contract will need to include permission from parents.

Directly for the device to work in FGUP "Mail of Russia" need to go to the nearest branch where you prompt information about the availability of vacancies. In the case of their presence, you will need to fill out a short form, which is then sent to the head Department on work with staff.

There is another option. You can send your CV to the following email addresses - rabota@russianpost.ru (for ordinary vacancies) and JoinChallenge@russianpost.ru (for applicants for senior positions).

To learn about the availability of vacancies also it is possible by phone 8-(495) 956-20-67 (extra aged 23-48 and 11-16) for all regions of Russia, except for Moscow and the surrounding region, as well as at 8-(495) 624-08-15 and 8-(495)-621-63-36 for Muscovites and regional residents.