You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - certificate of passing the exam or DPA;
  • - medical certificate;
  • photography.
Go to specialized secondary educational establishments (colleges) for two years in a College or technical school of railway transport. These schools are in many cities. To enter you must have a General or complete secondary education. In the first case, the training period will be 4 and the second 3 years.
Prepare documents for admission. In addition to the certificate, you will need to provide the results of the exam (GIA, if you've completed only nine classes). For future drivers is enough to show your grades in compulsory subjects - Russian language and mathematics. You will also need a medical certificate issued by the school, and passport photos.
Pass the collected papers to the admissions office of the institution. There you will write the application and you will be scheduled for an interview. In the process of the talks with the teachers you will have to justify their decision in applying for a certain specialty.
Upon approval of your application, locate it in the list enlisted, which is published by the head of the College after verification of the applications received from applicants. Should you not have enough seats paid for through the budget, you can choose a paid form of education. In this case, the contract between the educational institution and students (or parents if he is a minor).
If you want to speed up the process of obtaining a degree, and get directions to short courses of training of drivers. This can usually be done in the case if you have already been working on the railroad, for example, as a locksmith. In this case, your training will take about six months. This option is best suited for adults with specialty.