You will need
  • - a piece of paper and a pen.
Take a sheet of paper and write on it everything that interests you. No need to be modest, this list can be entered even what you, in your opinion, certainly never have to deal with. The main task is to identify your real priorities. And for this it is necessary to exclude the influence of the mind, which likes to set limits. So just let your imagination run wild and enter the list whatever you like that gives you pleasure.
Making a list, keep in mind an important detail: you should make a list of activities that provide development opportunity. Thus, you will have to weed out classes like "go to movie", "eat a cake" etc. etc. Because the intent is not just something to kill time, and find something that will make you forget about boredom. At the same time, it is suitable even for such desires, as, for example, "scuba diving on the Great barrier reef", "make an airplane" or something similar. Here you set a global goal to which to aspire. Of course, not necessarily looking for something serious, interests and Hobbies can be more simple. So just write down whatever comes to mind that you really like.
The list is made, start to edit it. Now from a dozen or more items, you need to choose two to three most important. The main criterion here – that feeling that appears in your mind when thinking of a specific item of the list. In any case, do not evaluate elements of list, in terms of prestige, profitability, etc., etc., it is a blunder. The thing to like your soul – only in this case you can feel the true happiness.
You have edited the list, there are only two or three options. It is possible that you now have no opportunities to do these things. Never mind – now, prioritize and realizing that you really like, you will be able to aspire to. Boredom is over – you have the opportunity to plan how to achieve the desired, you can start to move towards the goal, even yet in small steps.
The most important first step is to start, then you will pick up and carry the energy flow of those before you engaged in interesting activities. This is not fiction – we are talking about egregores, really helps those who are investing heart and soul in the interest of their business. The events themselves will begin to take shape in the direction you want, people and circumstances will help you to achieve the goal. Every step of the way will give you the joy, all the free time you give your beloved, your dream.