What not to put women older than 35 years

Jeans with a low rise on the hips, short jackets, t-shirts. These clothes are for school children and Teens. Of course it is practical and very comfortable, and at the age of 35, you can indulge in clothes, but only for trips out of town or into the countryside.

Quite ridiculous on the beautiful statuesque woman would look ripped jeans, short tops and too short skirts. Still, it is not young age. Thirty-five years, the woman has a totally different status in society – she is an accomplished person, a loving wife and a caring mother. Tight leggings complete with a t-shirt with heroes from animated films only make the comic and gaudy image of a young woman, you could leave for their little angels.

Rhinestones, feathers, sequins – such accessories in abundance give a vulgar look very cheap at this age. If a woman has a passion for jewelry, it is possible to replace the beautiful jewelry made from natural stones, in a more strict and restrained style.

Colorful and bright prints, flashy cosmetics. For such an elegant age strongly suitable clothing with leopard print, too bright prints. Only natural colors will give a soft, ethnic prints adds statisti and grace. Makeup incorrectly use eye shadow, eye-catching colors: blue, green, as the eyes will look tired and faded. Perfect warm and calm shades of brown, gray, the color of coffee with milk.

How to look perfect

Middle-age is a great time for women to replace the entire Shoe is made of faux leather for genuine leather shoes. It is better to avoid high platform heels, it is advisable to replace them with a small heel. Otherwise, you can use any shoes, the main thing that was comfortable to the legs.

Age 35 years, imposes a taboo on bare stomach, is poisonous-the bright colors, too torn jeans, shorts, ridiculous ponytails on the head, collected the colored rubber bands. A chic way will help to create natural fabrics, good styles, which will reflect the social status and impeccable taste of the woman. It is important for all things in the wardrobe was a good combination between color and texture.

An important role is played inner sense women their own age. Charming lady can choose absolutely any style depending on the situation sports a convenient, classic and elegant, the output passionate. Having refined tastes, the external image will be the excellent from the hair to the tips of the nails. A mile away will see the envious glances of young women and admiring glances of men.